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The Suds Customer Journey

A Toyota Supra at The Suds.
A Mercedes Benz getting a detail from The Suds.
A Ford Bronco getting a detail from The Suds.
  • Every client of ours begins their journey with us by booking their signature detail!

  • After your vehicle's signature detail, maintain the look and feel of a freshly detailed vehicle with our maintenance details! ask your detailer about scheduling

  • Once finished, our crew will do a complimentary inspection of the vehicles paint to see if it requires any enhancement. If so we refer them to our second step, The Restore Process. If not we refer them to our final step, The Protect Process.

The Revive Process

A Porsche getting a one step polish at The Suds.
  • Our crew will have a brief conversation about the inspection of the paint. Giving the client the best plan of attack to restoring their paint!

  • Once a plan has been talked over and scheduled by the client. Our crew will then begin the chosen polishing package to revive the clients paint, bringing out the shine in the paint!

  • After the polishing process is done. We highly recommend our clients to protect their newly restored paint. Which leads us to our final step, The Protect Process.

The Restore Process

A 2 step polish happening at The Suds.
Paint correction tools at The Suds.

The Protect Process

  • Our crew will talk with the client to see which package is right for them!

  • Once a package has been agreed on and scheduled. Our crew will then begin our ceramic coating services. Coating everything from interior, glass, wheels, and paint depending on the package, to protect that show car look! 

  • Once we have Revived, Restored, and Protected a clients vehicle. All that is left to do is, to put them on our exclusive maintenance schedule. To make sure we keep their vehicle looking good for years to come!

A System x MAX ceramic coating being installed at The Suds.
A Ceramic coating being sprayed on a Ford Raptor.
Different System X ceramic coatings available at The Suds.
A BMW getting prepared for a polish & ceramic coating bundle at The Suds.

Our V.i.P Clients

  • only eligible for clients with a system x ceramic coating provided by us!

  • maintenance details weekly or bi weekly appointments only.

  • interior and exterior mini details with optional add ons

  • Huge Discounted prices on our services starting at 60$

A BMW X7 after a MAX ceramic coating installation at The Suds..
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