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Restore with our Polishing Services!

rupes polishing products

these are available under paint correction packages when booking online!

rupes advance with rupes big foot

The second step into our 3 step plan for every vehicle that we work on.

We have multiple packages depending on the condition of vehicle. No matter if its old, new, small, or big. You can trust that your vehicle will get a professional quality polish!

NOTE: All vehicles receive a decontamination wash, clay bar, and iron removal!

we advise every client who gets a polish to bundle itwith a ceramic coating to Protect that beautiful shine

rupes polishing on a porsche

Exterior Enhancement Package

Our Exterior Maintenance Package includes a thorough hand wash, clay bar, and iron decontamination for your paint, to remove minor bugs, tar, and grime.

Followed by a 1 step da paint enhancement that removes minor swirls/imperfections as well as provides up to 1 year of protection. Enhancing the look of any vehicle!

Starting at $400

Polish & Enhancement

Revive your car’s swirled paint with The Suds’ 2 Step Polish and Enhance Package. Our process includes a thorough hand wash, clay bar, iron decontamination and a two step paint correction. Rotary cutting and a DA finishing polish that includes up to year of protection.

Starting at $700

Cut, Polish, & Enhancement

Starting at $1000

Revive your car’s heavily swirled paint with The Suds’ 3 Step Cut, Polish and Enhance Package.

Our process includes a thorough hand wash, clay bar decontamination, Rotary cut phase to remove heavy imperfections, da polish to remove moderate and light imperfections, and a final nano sealant to protect your paint and give it a beautiful shine for a year or more!

3 step rupes polishing
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